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Winter Warmer Break-Out Sessions

Winter Warmer Breakout Sessions

Red Level

Red 12 – HOSTING & Science Logic

HOSTING Monitoring Insights: Cloud Visibility and Guidance on ScienceLogic’s Premier Platform

HOSTING is first to market with an innovative hybrid cloud monitoring solution powered by ScienceLogic. The solution combines HOSTING managed services and their next-gen hybrid IT Monitoring Insights Solution with proprietary dashboards from ScienceLogic. It’s comprised of monitoring tools and services designed to help receive actionable information from your entire IT stack across public, private and hybrid clouds, all within a single pane of glass.

Presentation will include a technical demo and customer examples.


Red 14 – Igneous Systems

True Cloud for Local Data

Large, unstructured data fuels advances in machine learning and AI, and its value can grow over time and with other data.   Unlike yesterday’s database data, new continuously generated data streams are too big to easily send to the cloud at Internet speeds and are often inappropriate for physical transport (as with Amazon Snowball) because of real-time, continuous processing requirements. Many also prefer the control of on-premises data management.

We will discuss how we built a company to deliver API-driven and automated infrastructure-as-as-service for the enterprise data center.


Red 15 – WEI

Avoiding Failure on a Daily Basis

High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Business Continuity, Recovery, and Disaster Recovery are commonplace terms in our day to day lives. We do what we can to avoid these technologies from being used, but we count on them to save our hides when the unthinkable happens….something in the datacenter fails, be it hardware or software.

No one wants an HA event, though we are happy when HA works for us. No one wants to have a DR plan, but until our applications are available across datacenters (without any intervention), we need HA, FT, BC, DR, and Recovery plans….

This will be a focus on the technology we have come to rely on (and some we are now starting to utilize), and making sure we are aligning our business SLAs with the technology that can help us meet the demands our business has defined as critical.

Take a journey from RAID to Hybrid Cloud based DR as a Service, and lots of technology in between. Be sure to bring your questions and perspectives, and join the conversation at this breakout!


Red 16 – DataCore Software

Data Center Consolidation and Simplification with Hyper-converged

61% of companies have experienced slow applications after server virtualization, with 77% pointing to I/O problems as the culprit. With hyper-converged, companies have an opportunity to consolidate and reduce the complexity of their infrastructure. But, this will only happen if their applications get the I/O performance they need. In this session, you will see how to get industry leading I/O response times and the best price/performance to reduce and simplify your infrastructure.


Red 17 – Expedient

Business Needs Relief – How juggling too much leads to not enough

Do you ever feel like you are constantly busy, yet never get anything accomplished? Every day, we juggle competing priorities at work and home. But, it is this juggling that prevents us from achieving and focusing on the right outcomes. During this fun presentation, we will look at a personal story about juggling a never-ending project list with new life-changing events. Come and listen as Jeff O’Brien talks about buying a “fixer-upper,” how this relates to your IT environment, and what Expedient is doing to help its customers remove needless work out of their daily lives.


Red 18 – f5 & aqueduct

Securing the Cloud: Identity as the new security perimeter, in the world of cloud (o365, AWS, Azure, Salesforce…oh my!)

With the rapid transformation of data centers architectures to blend of on premise, private and public cloud, the traditional security perimeter is long gone.

Today’s IT manager is now faced with securing access to a host of SaaS apps (o365, Salesforce, Workday, Service Now etc.), applications in public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google), and legacy applications, that can’t be lifted and shifted into the cloud.  In this new hybrid cloud world, user identity has become the new perimeter.   In this 45 minute technical discussion, we will take the audience through, leveraging federated identity management and single sign-on to create an identity based security perimeter for the hybrid cloud world.   We will discuss how several Fortune 500 companies are managing their transformation to the cloud, and how their cutting edge data center architectures are allowing them to incorporate a cloud first model (private, public, & SaaS) while enhancing their security posture simultaneously.


Red 19 – iland

5 Disaster Recovery Surprises and How to Prevent Them

The basics of DRaaS are understood: lightning-fast fail over speeds, low-cost options, and great geographic diversity. But, with over 10 years of experience with DRaaS, we know there are still some factors that can catch you by surprise.  First: Did you talk this over with your network engineer?  Second: Let’s talk about those physical systems…  Third: Your auditor has concerns.  … and the last two will be covered in the presentation.  Join Curtis Johnson, Sr. Solutions Architect at iland, to discuss the 5 surprises we see every day when discussing DRaaS.


Red 20 – TierPoint

Software Defined DRaaS and Hybrid IT

Embracing Hybrid IT means embracing complexity. DRaaS can be one of the first steps to successfully adopting Hybrid IT, but doing so can be complicated and time consuming.

Enter Software Defined DRaaS. With real-life client examples, this presentation will focus on TierPoint’s Software Defined DRaaS offering, and illustrate how this managed resilience approach enables businesses to adopt Hybrid IT while simultaneously maintaining existing technology investments and adopting new innovative ones.


Red 21 – reduxio

Creating an infrastructure with “near zero loss on failure”

When delivering an IT service to a user base, get an advantage with an infrastructure enabling recovery at the finest of granularity. Learn how to reduce cost and improve processes by leveraging Reduxio technologies that reduce RTO & RTO timeframes and offer tight integration through RESTful API.

When your success is measured by some form of SLA, and isn’t it always…?, let Reduxio show you how to increase those deliverables and take control of time.


Red 23 – EchoStor

 Leveraging NSX to Transform Your Business

Join EchoStor Technologies to learn how NSX can be leveraged to transform your business and further empower you to meet key business initiatives!

During this session EchoStor Technologies will review NSX key benefits, as well as recent NSX customer engagements. As part of the customer engagements discussion, the EchoStor consultant will elaborate on objectives, services methodology and impact to the overall business.


Red 25 – Whalley Computer Associates Inc.

Join WCA Services Engineers for a Customer Roundtable Open Forum; WCA Best Practices in REAL CUSTOMER deployments

Join WCA Sr. Solution Architect Dan Sullivan and WCA Consulting Architects Bob Barna, Mike Shaw & Karl Renik as they discuss REAL project deployments. Dive into the WCA VMware and Microsoft Best Practices that WCA Service’s Team deliver on a daily basis to our Client Base. We’ll feature a brief presentation about the projects and break into an open forum dialog with lots of customer interaction. Meet the WCA Engineers; hear about the pitfalls and challenges. Come learn how it should be done.


Red 29 – SIOS Technology Corp.

The Data Science Evolution: IT Managers Guide to New Data-Driven Management Approaches 

As VMware environments continue to grow exponentially, IT managers face the challenge of analyzing and understanding an unprecedented volume and variety of data. The traditional computer science-based role of IT managers is evolving quickly to a new role that takes data science-focused approach to optimizing and managing VMware environments. In this session, Sergey Razin, Ph.D., a noted authority in advanced analytics and machine learning will discuss the evolution of the IT manager’s job function and explain the impact of the new data science approaches to optimizing and managing VMware environments on IT. Attendees will learn: how to implement data-driven IT analytics without a background in data science and how to leverage new machine learning analytics to extract meaningful recommendations for problem-solving, optimization, and improved efficiency.


Red 30 – Cohesity

The Data Management Platform for VMware Environments

After spending the last decade consolidating our servers with VMware, we’ve now entered a whole new era of consolidation around secondary storage. As vSphere became more and more prolific, an entire ecosystem was born to integrate with various VMware solutions.

Multiple vendors were created, and even existing vendors implemented new solutions to tackle all-new ways to handle Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, DevOps, Analytics, and more! This has led to an extremely fragmented secondary storage landscape making it more and more difficult to leverage cohesive data protection solutions, especially ones that are able to be repurposed for other activities, empowering the end user to make use of their backups for space-efficient clones and instant recoveries, as opposed to sitting around waiting for something to break.

Secondary Storage constitutes 80% of the data footprint in the typical datacenter today. While your primary storage handles your Tier-1 mission-critical workloads, including your VMware vSphere environment, your secondary storage environment is still fragmented among various data protection, automation, and analytics solutions; all of which is bolted together with different requirements, storage solutions, and software providers.

As your data grows and the storage market evolves, simplicity and consolidation are no longer nice-to-have adjectives when describing your fractured environment. Learn why converged storage becomes inevitable for virtualized environments and develop an understanding of what will be necessary in this fast evolving corner of the data center.


Blue Level

Blue 13 – Presidio

Update and Overview on Citrix Cloud Strategy

Business initiatives like bring-your-own device (BYOD) and telework are driving the need for anywhere, anytime, any device access to applications and services. In response, IT organizations are rethinking the way they deliver applications, data and services, and exploring how to evolve their underlying infrastructure.

Please join Presidio for this interactive discussion and presentation on Citrix’ cloud strategy to address these needs.  Citrix Cloud (formerly Citrix Workspace Cloud) is a control plane to manage all Citrix technologies. This cloud-based approach means reduced infrastructure, centralized control and SaaS-style updates, contributing to lower administration cost and complexity. Get the best way to deliver a Citrix environment using any cloud or infrastructure of your choice!  We will also discuss Citrix renewed partnership with Microsoft and how Citrix is working with them to integrate XenMobile and XenApp into Azure and Enterprise Mobility Suite.


Blue 14 – Cisco

Need those Virtual Machines turned on YESTERDAY?  The Cisco ASAP Data Center and Hyperflex can help.

The ASAP (Analyze, Simplify, Automate, Protect) Data Center is Cisco’s vision for the agile data center today. Come here how Cisco can help you achieve new levels of efficiency, speed, and reliability in your Data Center.  Within our ASAP Data Center we have our fabric-based hyper-converged offering: HyperFlex.

Increasingly companies are turning to Cisco HyperFlex™ Systems to simplify the operation and management of their virtual server infrastructure.  If you need to improve the agility of your IT organization, simplifying the deployment and operation of your virtual server infrastructure can help. Cisco HyperFlex Systems are delivered as a preintegrated cluster that is up and running in an hour or less. Integrated management detects any component plugged into the system, making the system self-aware and self-integrating, helping it adapt quickly to changes in hardware configuration.

Please join us for a deeper look at the ASAP Data Center and HyperFlex.


Blue 16 – Liquidware Labs

 Amazon Workspaces + Liquidware Labs Essentials – From Physical Desktops, To VDI, To the Cloud = one suite to rule them all

For the better part of a year organizations of all sizes have been exploring the benefits of leaving on premises VDI for the agility, capital savings, and security of the cloud with Amazon Workspaces. Liquidware Labs has partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer their VDI Essentials Suite native in the cloud! Visibility, User Environment Management, and Application Layering will never be the same again. In this fun, interactive session, we will tear down previous assumptions we all made about managing windows at scale, on premises VDI, and present a compelling case to explore options as it relates to your end users. Presented by the Legendary T.Rex Rohrer – CoFounder of Liquidware Labs and Matt Boyajian – Sr. Solutions Architect


Blue 17 – Winslow Technology Group

Nutanix CE Test Drive

Nutanix CE is the free, community supported version of the powerful Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform. We will take an in-depth look at installing this on dedicated hardware platforms as well as nested in other virtualization environments. We’ll use our CE environment to peek into the daily life of a Nutanix administrator, and talk about how you can leverage this enterprise grade tool in your environment.


Blue 18 – Nutanix

Nutanix Self-Service Portal: Prism isn’t just for admins anymore!

Need to enable your users to easily access and provision resources within your virtual infrastructure? Don’t want to spend the money or resources on a complex deployment of vRealize Automation, or have months to tinker with an OpenStack project? Want the simplicity offered by AWS, but without the high monthly bills or giving up control of your data to the public cloud? Join us for a demonstration of the Nutanix Self-Service Portal!

As the leader in the hyperconverged space, Nutanix continues to deliver the kind of one-click simplicity required to own and operate the next generation of virtual infrastructure. We’ve built our self-service portal so that it can be deployed with the click of a button, while delivering the features and functionality required by both SMB and enterprise businesses alike. In this session, we’ll cover deployment of the Nutanix Self-Service Portal, creation of multiple projects and teams, integration with Active Directory, and demonstrate how users can deploy and manage their own workloads. We’ll also discuss how by using our AHV hypervisor, you’ll be able to eliminate additional costs while simplifying your datacenter and operations.


Blue 19 – StorMagic

Understanding storage configurations for hyperconverged infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastucture is now being broadly adopted, yet many organisations are blindly deploying these new shiny toys without clear line of sight to an optimal storage configuration. This often results in over-provisioned systems and a strain on budgets driven by the fear of needing to meet misunderstood performance and capacity requirements. StorMagic will remove much of this misunderstanding the the presentation real-world data from a large variety customers, removing the fog of how best to configure for the perfect balance performance and capacity whilst ensuring scale for future demands.

StorMagic’s software-defined storage solution is trusted by 1000+ customers in 72 countries deploying 1-1000s of sites. SvSAN enables hyperconverged, highly-available, high-performance compute and storage infrastructure by converting disk, flash and memory of two or more servers into a robust, shared-storage appliance, thereby removing the need for an external storage array.


Blue 22 – Zerto

Can it be? Simple Disaster Recovery?

With significant dollars being transacted on an hourly basis, business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) are critical. Matt Compeau from Summit Partners will tell you how Zerto Virtual Replication:  Delivers RPOs of seconds and RPOs of minutes  Automates failover, failback and DR testing with the push of a button Provides true continuous data protection |Greatly simplifies management of their disaster recovery strategy and How they can easily replicate from Waltham to London and protect the company’s monetary assets.


Blue 26 – PCM

Hyper Converged Infrastructure- Built to complement today’s virtual strategies.

Today’s virtual environments are beginning to take advantage of software defined tools to optimize and manage VM resource pools as one platform. Additionally, customers are now looking for deeper infrastructure considerations to complement their expensive SAN’s, networking solutions, and server pools which have become cost prohibitive. Customers are requesting virtually aware infrastructure building blocks, known as Hyper Converged Nodes. These nodes can be built onto and allow IT professionals to add non-disruptively when required with no limit on scale, to automatically redistribute and balance workloads. These solutions combine the aspects of compute, networking, and storage in one node with built-in intelligent management tools for predictive analytics and trending. Plus, these features give today’s businesses additional ways for reducing cost, by decreasing rack space, cabling, and resources required to support virtual requirements in the Data Center. This is not just another converged infrastructure solution, come find out why.


Blue 27 – Commvault

Protecting Virtual Environments and the Cloud

Today, more and more organizations are moving workloads to the cloud and the number of workloads running natively in the cloud are expanding. Some say, with Web Scale infrastructure and cloud native applications, protection and recovery is no longer a critical enterprise need. On the contrary, not only is protection and recovery a core requirement, it’s especially critical for newer cloud-native workloads. This session details how the Commvault platform can be used as a modular, service-oriented platform designed to support both traditional and cloud-native workloads.


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