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VMWorld 2013

Last week I was out in San Francisco attending VMworld US 2013, while this year wasn’t packed with announcements there was still a lot of information. Let’s look briefly at some of what was announced. I do plan on writing more in depth posts on some of these.

vSphere 5.5 is announced with these new features and improvements

VMware rebuilt SSO

This is GREAT news if you were one of the few who implemented SSO with 5.1

vSphere Web Client

Added desktop functionality

Multi tiered architecture

Now has workflows so no endless scrolling

Improved search capabilities

More Plug-ins


vSphere DP



Hardware Vendor supported plug-ins


vSphere HA and DRS Afinity Rules


Support for MSCS


VMware’s VSAN

*Requires SSD for better performance

Virtual Flash Read Cache


I will write about this more latere, but think of this as an extension to switching not as a replacement.


The VMware Hands on Labs were in my mind a HUGE success!! There were no long lines, there were multiple places where you could attend a HOL, and even dedicated areas for BYOD HOL. This was a VAST improvement from years past. Nothing but perfection this year.

I intrigued with how the Solutions Exchange has evolved over the years. Four or five years ago there were a lot of software companies in the SX then there were resellers, this year appeared to have more hardware vendors. Not only that big players such as EMC were stating they support multiple hypervisors  Hyper-V, vSphere, KVM, openstack. I watched these vendors showcasing their demo’s of this as well, I felt excited seeing this as it solidifies what we here at the VTUG have been saying. But to see it at a major Vendor conference makes the realization set in even more. Now why is this so important? This shows that other hypervisors are now making a significant impact in the mainstream and something that you need to keep an eye on.

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