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VTUG Summer Slam – Hands On Labs

Room C114 – 1st Floor Nested Virtualization’s Practical Uses, Mark Gabryjelski, WEI

Why do people get so excited over nested virtualization?  What practical use does it have in day to day operations?  Well….mostly….no ‘practical’ uses for day to day production workloads, but there ARE use cases that fit very well for nested virtualization. We will take a hands on approach to this, and show how to virtualize ESXi, Hyper-V, or KVM.  We will focus this session on virtualization of ESXi, how to build ESXi servers as VMs on Fusion, Workstation, and of course, on ESXi hosts themselves. We will go into the ‘why I would do this’, by working though real world use cases.  We will show how to build a lab on existing production clusters (without taking on risk).  We will show how to use VLANs in a Virtualized ESXi host.  Of course, we will keep the floor open for any questions you might have.  Looking forward to seeing you!!!  Requirements Below:

  • Recommended
    • Laptop with remote access to YOUR datacenter (Wi-Fi is available at the school)
    • Have a JumpHost for access (VPN in, RDP to your jumphost…then things will run much faster for you)
    • vCenter 5.5 – build 3252642 or higher
    • Ability to create new VMs (ESXi VMs)
    • Have DHCP available, or a static IP address to use
    • Have VMware.ESXi.6.0.0-362079.Update2.iso on a datastore (not vendor provided ISO, just the VMware one)
    • Have vSphere Web Client (to create VMs) on your jumphost
    • Have vSphere Client installed on your jumphost
  • Other Option
    • Laptop with at LEAST 8-GB RAM
    • VMware Workstation or Fusion installed (latest revisions please)
    • Free Space available to build a VM
    • Have VMware.ESXi.6.0.0-362079.Update2.iso locally (not vendor provided ISO, just the VMware one)


Room C116 – 1st Floor SimpliVity Hands On Lab, Tim Antonowicz 

The SimpliVity Hands on Lab provides participants with hands on experience using with the SimpliVity Data Virtualization Platform.  This is done through a number of SimpliVity SA lab exercises

Familiarization with the SimpliVity Global Unified Management

·       SimpliVity Backup Policies and Rules

·       Basic VM Operations and Management

·       Native SimpliVity Backup and Restore Operations


Room C118 – 1st Floor Learn how Lenovo puts hours back into your day, Chuck Weber & Mark Edwards

Learn how Lenovo puts hours back into your day.  XClarity, a new open standards-based systems management application enables integration of physical systems with our best virtualization partners. Come see see a live demo, learn about Lenovo’s new offerings and visit us for an XClarity lab experience.

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