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Summer Slam Break Out Sessions

C120 – Presidio

Update on the Citrix and Microsoft Partnership

Partners for over 22 years, Citrix and Microsoft offer joint solutions that enable businesses worldwide to reduce costs, increase IT flexibility and agility by centralizing Windows-based applications, desktops and servers in the datacenter: dynamically delivering them to users anywhere, on any device.

Join Presidio for this interactive breakout session, where we will be presenting on the updates to this partnership and how Presidio has been delivering these solutions to our customers.

Topics discussed will include but not limited to:

–          Leveraging Netscaler to deliver optimized and load balanced access to Microsoft          SharePoint, Exchange and Lync.

–          Best practices for delivering access to Office 365 in a XenApp / XenDesktop environment.

–          Updates from Citrix Synergy


C117 – Greenpages

Overview of Emerging Storage Technologies: All Flash, Hyperconverged, Software Defined, and More!

The King is dead, long live the King! Legacy storage is fading. The disruptive technologies are turning the infrastructure market on its head. Why is flash such a big deal? Scaling, upgrades, cloud integration, backup and DR are all transformed. Find out about integrated and hyperconverged systems, how they differ, and why it matters.


C119 – Zerto

BC/DR allows Infinity Federal Credit Union to Move Forward Confidently

As the oldest credit union in Maine, Infinity Federal Credit Union has been serving members since 1921. In order to achieve their motto of “People Helping People”, it’s imperative that their systems are operational and that they have access to their data at all times.

When their previous solution wasn’t meeting their RTO commitments, they knew they needed a better business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solution. With Zerto Virtual Replication, Infinity FCU is able to recover VMs quickly without having to do file restores from backups

With Zerto Virtual Replication:

  • IT Transformation
    • Gave Infinity FCU the flexibility to overhaul their network overhaul and not worry about compatibility issues
  • Business Continuity confidence
    • With the rise of ransomware, Infinity knows they’ll have the ability to recover quickly if they are ever affected
  • Aggressive service level requirements
    • RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes
  • Point-in-time recovery enables failover to a previous point to recover from any issue – logical corruption, datacenter outage, etc.


C121 – Winslow Technology Group

The Hyper Converged Decision

A vendor neutral discussion on the pros and cons of traditional, converged, and hyper converged infrastructures. Dive into the breaking points that help identify the right solution for your environment. Review the risks, considerations, and pitfalls of the architectures and how they could affect your decision making process. Detail the tools and processes used to size these solutions.


C123 – Expedient

The Day I stopped Working Nights and Weekends

Join us for a story about my journey from working nights and weekends as a Systems Administrator to Cloud Architect. We will also discuss how this relates to the job market, why people are changing careers, and the business value of IT. Upon this foundation a look at what IT professionals can do today to start advancing and help demonstrate the value of IT to their organizations.


C125 – Cloudistics

Beyond Hyperconverged: How Software-defined Datacenters and Hybrid Clouds Can Transform Your Business

Introducing Cloudistics Ignite, the first hybrid cloud in a box that includes everything you need to fast-track your applications and containers into production in minutes. In our session, we’ll show you:

  • The first software-defined hybrid cloud that is easy to use as the public cloud
  • Our patent-pending virtual networking technology that is deployed in minutes and delivers line-speed performance for all workloads
  • Our elastic block flash storage technology that provides 5x faster performance
  • How you can control your datacenter from a single SaaS portal—deploy, provision, and scale applications in minutes


Library – Hewlett Packard Enterprise

DevOps will fail….unless. How the Phoenix Project simulation can help you succeed.

Industry trends reveal that organizations are not realizing the enormous business benefits in adopting DevOps by failing to address ‘cultural and behavioral’ issues and inadequately addressing organizational change. Learn how The Phoenix Project business simulation can increase the velocity of your adoption, create buy-in, improve communication and collaboration skills between Dev and Ops, and capture concrete, shared, improvement actions aimed at creating success.


A203 – Dell-Cloud Client Computing

Looking to provide 2D/3D and high end graphics for your VDI users? Check out the Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse powered by NVIDIA GRID GPU’s and VMware.

Come hear about how the Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse helps simplify the deployment of your 2D/3D and high end applications in a simple to use appliance architecture. The nVidia GRID powered Precision Appliance for Wyse delivers a workstation-class experience to the most demanding users. Also learn about the built in Quick Start Tool that is used to configure and get the appliance up and running quickly!


A205 – Colospace

Disaster Recovery for Virtual Environments

Virtualization presents opportunities and challenges with respect to availability and disaster recovery planning. By consolidating servers, storage, and applications into a denser footprint, individual component or data center failures can impact many more applications and users simultaneously. However, advances in technology have made it easier than ever to implement a DR plan to meet business objectives and budget constraints. This presentation will walk through the DR spectrum, from Cold DR to a full Active-Active and give real world examples of successful implementations.


C201 – Caringo

Searchable Scale-Out Storage: Using Next-Generation Technology to Improve Performance and Slash TCO

With the continued explosion of unstructured data, are you struggling to protect, retain and access critical information? With over a decade of experience, Caringo provides a single storage platform with unlimited scaling capabilities, simple management, and bulletproof architecture that reduces storage TCO. Come learn how scale-out object storage can be used for active archive, media streaming services, or as cloud storage for your organization.


C203 – Red Hat

Evolution of Virtualization Technologies

Companies have come to depend on their virtual infrastructure to deploy critical solutions. However, being tied to a single vendor puts your infrastructure at risk– and hinders your adoption of innovative new technologies. Open virtualization solutions, built on Linux® and KVM, are providing a compelling alternative to traditional virtualization solutions. In fact, 65% of IT organizations are implementing multi-tier virtualization solutions in an effort to diversify options, avoid vendor lock-in and unlock greater value.* The session will share how leading IT organizations such as British Airways, Bonham’s and Cox Automotive have been able to prepare their IT organizations for the future, improve their virtualization management and reduce the operational costs of their virtual infrastructure by embracing open virtualization solutions from Red Hat.


C200 – reduxio

The commoditization effect on cloud, hyper and on-premises storage models

For IT leaders interested in what state-of-art innovation and commoditization has changed for on-premises environments amidst industry developments around Hyper-converged and Cloud.

This session is not a product presentation or a technical learning opportunity, rather a strategic look at what’s shaping our industry today and into the future.

Reduxio has flown our worldwide VP of Product Strategy Jacob Cherian to speak for these exclusive sessions. A multiple patent holding engineer from Dell who is in constant dialog with the world’s leading component manufacturers, Intel, Seagate and others, Jacob offers a unique and insightful perspective on what makes sense in today’s jungle of hyped technologies.


C202 – EMC (Hybrid Cloud)

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: Making It YOUR Cloud

Building clouds that deliver business value is time consuming and expensive. Making EMCs converged platform, Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, YOUR cloud is what we do. Integrating with your existing IT processes, building custom blueprints and workflows to deliver YOUR applications and services is just the beginning.  Join to hear how EMC can help customize the platform to make it YOUR cloud.


C221 – Oxford Networks

Overcoming the Barriers of Data Storage and Cloud Migration: A Panel Discussion

We live in a world chock-full of data, which is only expected to grow exponentially. According to IDC, the big data tech and services market is predicted to grow at a compound annual rate of 23% from 2014-2019. The challenge is knowing what and when to store, and how to access it. Learn how IT managers from a major health care organization TBD, Portsmouth Music Hall, and a veterans’ organization uses the cloud for data storage. Hear first-hand accounts and tips on what to do and what to avoid.


C223 – Pivot3

What’s Best for VMware – Hyperconverged or Flash Storage Arrays?

Companies are increasingly turning to hyperconverged infrastructures or flash storage arrays to improve the IT infrastructure that powers their VMware virtualization environments. Attend this session and learn: Why would you choose one or the other? What are some of the key technologies that you should look for? Can they play nice together? Is just having flash enough? What are some of the considerations you should take into account when deciding what best fits your virtualized environment needs?


C225 – Tintri

5 Key Requirements for VM-aware Storage

It’s 2016—but organizations still struggle to deliver consistent and predictable performance for their cloud and virtualized applications. Even with advances in flash technology, storage remains designed for physical, not virtual, workloads—and it shows with unpredictable performance, difficult troubleshooting and fragile scalability. Storage needs to be aligned to virtualization, but what is VM-aware storage besides a buzzword? We will investigate the five requirements of VM-aware storage, and how which technologies enable those requirements.


C227 – Liquidware Labs

Hyper-What? : How to plan for, migrate to, and live with hyper-converged infrastructure.

Hyper-converged infrastructure has become a very popular way of quickly and easily deploying a virtual environment with the least amount of headache for your engineering staff.  However, as much as hyper-convergence has eliminated the common setup problems associated with virtualization, there is still the question of how you get your data and applications migrated over to it as simply as possible.  This session will explore how to size out Hyper-Convergence to get the most out of your dollar, how to migrate existing profiles into the new platform, how to deploy application layering, and user experience management.


C229 – Whalley Computer Associates

KACE Endpoint Systems Management – Provision, manage, secure, and service all network-connected devices

Replace your manual processes, non-integrated point solutions, or overly complex software suite with the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint systems management solution and give your IT team more time to innovate. Dell KACE fast-to-implement, easy-to-use systems management and deployment appliances provision, manage, secure, and service your growing organization’s network-connected devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, tablets, Linux, UNIX, and Windows Servers, printers, storage and the internet of things (IoT), while their integrated appliance architecture delivers rapid return on investment.


C212 – VEEAM

Availability made easy for your Vsphere Infrastructure: Advanced Tips & Tricks from Veeam

There are a number of considerations to building the best vSphere infrastructure today. When it comes to keeping it available when things don’t go as expected, do you have the same level of resiliency? Join this session from Veeam to learn advanced technical tips on how to design a comprehensive availability infrastructure. Specific points in this session include: -How to make a software-defined backup storage infrastructure -Tips and tricks for leveraging vSphere tags for backup jobs -Tips for advanced protection for the latest VMware storage technologies such as VVOLs and VSAN -And more advanced vSphere backup tips and tricks


C214 – Kaspersky

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization

Learn how Kaspersky helps protect virtual infrastructures without a hit to performance.  Using our patented virtual appliance to perform updates and scans Kaspersky keeps the virtual infrastructure protected, but without the usual resource consumption of a traditional anti-malware solution, making it ideal for virtualized datacenters and desktop environments.


C216 – EMC (Flash)

Flash – The Foundation of the Modern Data Center

The disruptive days of Flash are over. Flash is the new normal, representing the foundation of the modern data center. True to EMC’s heritage, the value of storage is unlocked with software, regardless of storage media. XtremIO has provided unprecedented value to our customers, consolidating transactional workload via in-line data services that unlock the power of Flash. The massive scale and unprecedented availability and flexibility of the recently introduced EMC VMAX All-Flash are designed to help optimize you traditional data center workloads.  DSSD D5 is designed to take your data center to the next level.  Find out how flash is the foundation of the modern data center, and how EMC hardware and software architectures are unlocking the true value of flash. Regardless of Storage Architecture, Flash has the power to transform your datacenter.


C218 – Varonis

Insiders are the New Malware

Nearly every major security breach starts with an insider, or an attacker using an insider’s credentials.

2015 was a banner year for insider threats. It’s estimated that the average organization suffered from 3.8 insider attacks last year and 45% of businesses can’t tell if they’ve suffered a breach.

In order to combat the insider threat, organizations need to shift their focus from the perimeter to their data itself. They need to secure their data from the inside out.

Join us for a live presentation where you’ll learn our 3-phase Inside-Out approach for preventing insider threats.


C300 – Nutanix

Nutanix Community Edition: Deploying an Enterprise Cloud in under 10 minutes.

Nutanix Community Edition is a 100% software solution enabling technology enthusiasts to easily evaluate the latest hyperconvergence technology at zero cost. You can now experience the same Nutanix technology that powers the datacenters of thousands of leading enterprises around the world.

This session will introduce you to Nutanix community edition and we will demonstrate the process for deploying the software on in under 10 minutes on practically any device. We will also provide you with a tour of our Prism UI and show you how simple it is to deploy and manage VMs on our award winning enterprise cloud platform.


C301 – The Usenix Association

Rolling Your Own Storage: Hyper-Converged, Software Defined, and Object-based Storage

This session highlights key concepts in the architecture of enterprise-class storage systems for the purpose of deploying your own storage using commodity servers. The slides are taken from the Data Storage Day program of the Usenix LISA Conference (Large Installation System Administration). We hope you like what you hear and will consider attending the 30th Annual LISA Conference, which will be held in Boston in early December. The Data Storage Day program is free to all IT professionals.

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