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Summer Slam 2012 was a great day.

We had over 900 IT end users and over 57 vendors show up this year.   There were some great general sessions:  Chris Colotti of VMware spoke on defining cloud SLA’s and shared settings that you should NEVER touch when defining service levels.  Aaron Chaisson of EMC walked us through how EMC’s IT department built relationships with the business and became an agent of change in the environment. Hans Bernhardt of VMware did an informative and interactive white board session that walked us from virtualization to the cloud.Last but not least, Mike Laverick had some great points on SRM.  My biggest take-a-way from Mike Laverick’s presentation was – just because you can do something does not mean you should. Here are some behind the scenes that you guys may not know about.  We developed specific guidelines for all of the presenters to follow.  And the main theme was to provide more actionable, technical and useful content so that the IT professionals (all of you) walked away with something tangible that could help you with your jobs.  We want less  “pie-in-the-sky” and more “nuts and bolts”.   We will constantly push for this.

We read nearly every abstract and presentation and gave feedback to the speakers to ensure that the quality of the content was educational and useful.  I said “nearly” – not everyone got us the content in time and some never sent it to us for review.  And for those that did send us their stuff – not everyone listened.   Be that as it may – we will keep pushing and giving feedback to the presenters to continue to raise the quality of the content.  In the end, this benefits everyone including the speakers and the IT professionals.

One complaint we received is that there were too many breakout sessions at Summer Slam.  We hear you loud and clear.  Right now we are collecting all of the presentations and will be posting them on VTUG.com.  You can at least go back and review any sessions you wanted to attend but missed.

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Oh and by the way – we are working on our next event, Fall Forward!  I will get you the details next week.



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