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Hyper-V for the VMware Expert

Hyper-V for the VMware Expert was a great webcast.

Our first webcast was a huge success! There appears to be a growing interest in what Microsoft is doing in the virtualization market.

There were many people who put tons of work in to pull this off. Jon Kesty did an amazing job in the background choosing the platform and pulling all of the pieces together.  Dan Stolts spent many hours pulling together a great presentation. Bob Hunt jumped in at the last minute to deliver the information. Tony Asaro bailed me out when I had technical issues and hats off to Tommy Patterson for fielding many of the chat questions.

This was great information on Hyper-V. This was not marketing hype nor was everything pro Hyper-V. The team was very open and honest.  They brought out where Hyper-V fell short. They also told us where Hyper-V shined. Microsoft has done a great job in the last year regrouping and pulling together this technology and I believe it is worth looking at.

There was plenty of interaction in the chat window. For me, I got as much information for the questions that were asked by the attendees as I did the presenter. Some great questions were asked about SMB3, the Hyper-V Virtual Machine manager, live migration and more!

Finally, Microsoft has done an impressive job with all of the changes it has brought about with R2 and the Cloud OS. I look forward to seeing you on the next webcast.



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