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Fall Forward Break Out Sessions

Red 66 – SimpliVity

Taking “Remote” Out of Remote Office IT With Hyperconvergence

Do you use a centralized or distributed on-premises approach for remote office IT service delivery? There is no reason that remote and branch offices (ROBOs) need to be complicated, let us show you how we simplify the virtual environment, physical environment, staffing, data protection, and logistical constraints for ROBO. Join us to see how SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure offers distinct advantages over conventional infrastructure choices for ROBOs and address attendees questions, including:

  • What’s a ROBO and what are the ROBO IT challenges facing organizations?
  • What IT approaches are available for ROBOs, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • What is hyperconverged infrastructure and how can it address ROBO pain points, including backup and recovery?


Red 67 – Expedient

Application and System design to avoid downtime in the clouds

Outages occur, period.  In this session we will explore considerations when we are preparing to deploy applications into the cloud, from traditional enterprise applications to cloud native applications.  We will discuss scenarios where technology fits to keep our applications running with none to as little downtime as possible.


Red 69 – Pure Storage

vSphere 6: New features and improvements

vSphere 6.0 introduces a wide range of storage-related new features, this presentation will go over a selection of these. Topics like Virtual Volumes, Instant Clone (VMFork), Space Reclamation, VAAI XCOPY and others will be discussed. Learn what these new features and changes are and how they may and will affect your current and future decisions in your VMware environment.


Red 70 – Silver-Peak

Supercharge Your WAN with Broadband

By creating a Broadband WAN, otherwise referred to as a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), organizations can automatically apply business profiles and policies through flexible, intuitive templates. This helps enterprises better manage traffic, and allows you to easily and quickly adjust the WAN’s behavior to optimize, secure and control cloud and legacy applications. Join Chris Rogers, Director of Cloud Solutions at Silver Peak for this technical discussion and discover how you can Evolve your WAN!


Red 71 – Zerto

Can it be? Simple disaster Recovery?

With significant dollars being transacted on an hourly basis, business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) are critical. Matt will tell you how Zerto Virtual Replication: Delivers RPOs of seconds and RPOs of minutes |Automates failover, failback and DR testing with the push of a button| Provides true continuous data protection |Greatly simplifies management of their disaster recovery strategy and how now they can easily replicate from Waltham to London and protect the company’s monetary assets.


Red 72 – GreenPages

Connecting to the Clouds: Strategies, Challenges & Solutions

What good is moving your applications to the cloud if you can’t access them effectively? Who and where is this cloud? How are you planning on connecting to it? More important, how do you ensure a good user experience? If simply gaining useful insight into the traffic generated by your users while accessing your most critical applications has become more important than ever, why does it seem like such a mystery? If you don’t have good answers to these questions, this session is for you. We’ll dive into real-world examples of these challenges and practical solutions you can implement today, not next year.


Red 73 – Nutanix

What could you accomplish if you no longer had to spend all your time managing your infrastructure?

Nutanix makes datacenter infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on applications and services that power their business. Join this session to be one of the first to learn about the new Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform, the 100% software-defined infrastructure solution that combines storage, compute and virtualization.

This session will include:

  • A first look at Nutanix Acropolis including the Acropolis Hypervisor, which integrates compute, storage and virtualization to run any application
  • A preview of Nutanix Prism, which gives administrators detailed operational insights and a simple and elegant way to manage virtual environments
  • A discussion of how web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design applied to the infrastructure stack makes infrastructure simple


Blue 64 – Worldcom Exchange, Inc

vSS, vDS, and NSX…oh my!

With Virtual Standard Switches (vSS) since 1.x, then Distributed Virtual Switches (vDS) since 4.0, we have learned how and why to use vSwitches. Now we are told to virtualize our network using NSX.

In plain English, we will focus on the things a VMware Administrator needs to know to enable & safely deploy this technology. On hand, we will have Bryan Jacques & Fred McHugh, who have been designing & planning our customers’ NSX deployments, keeping the session on track, and the focus technical (i.e. …no marketing!),

We’ll cover the install, how it won’t affect your existing networking, and cover what this technology can do besides ‘virtualize your network’? This will be the team that can show you.

This is not an in depth, technical deep dive of NSX, but more an overview of how it works, how it installs, and how it will not break your environment.

Be ahead of the curve, and learn the basics of network virtualization with NSX.


Blue 65 – Tintri

Virtual Volumes for Everyone — Right Now!

Virtual Volumes promise to simplify storage for virtual machines and bring the same kind of manageability and productivity improvements that virtualization brought to server administration, to enterprise storage. The VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) API, part of vSphere 6, is a great step forward, and storage vendors are eager to support it.   We will review VVOLs and the different ways in which vendors can implement it.   We will also review Tintri VMaware Storage, and the advantages of combining the Virtual Volumes paradigm with a storage architecture built from the ground up for the virtual machine environment.


Blue 66 – Nexgen Storage

Tailored Storage Performance for Your Business Priorities

While flash storage is clearly needed to accelerate your application data, what percentage of data needs it at any given moment? If it’s not 100%, all-flash arrays can be excessive and costly. Hybrid storage is the right approach, but performance can be unpredictable if you’re unable to control what data consumes flash.  Join this session for a technical discussion covering how Quality of Service (QoS) lets you avoid the high cost of all-flash arrays and the inconsistent performance of SSD-based hybrid arrays. By connecting customers to the business value of data, QoS delivers predictable application performance. Plus, learn how you can surface performance QoS policies and service levels in VMware vSphere 6 vCenter, giving administrators the ability to assign performance policies directly to the VM for extremely granular control.


Blue 67 – reduxio

Recover your applications instantly to any second in the past with BackDating. Reduxio’s flash hybrid storage arrays with BackDating provide the most cost-effective flash storage solution for your critical applications. To see how BackDating can transform application management and protection join one of our breakouts.

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