About Us

The mission of the Virtualization Technology Users Group (VTUG) is to provide education and information to IT professionals in order to make better decisions in their virtual environments.

VTUG is an inclusive community that consists of users, vendors, VARs and industry experts all working together constructively and productively.   At the core of VTUG are the IT end user members and we are committed to ensuring they are a priority and a protected constituent of the community, since they are the users and consumers of IT products and services. Vendors and VARs are also a vital part of VTUG, since they drive innovation, develop and deliver the IT products and services that the end users implement.  It is the role of VTUG to ensure that the Vendors and VARs provide our end users with quality content and not inundate us with “sales pitches”.  Finally, independent industry experts can provide us with insights from a different vantage point that is always welcome and beneficial.

We believe that social networking is essential and that each one of us must teach each other; learn from one another and share our experiences and knowledge as a community.  To us, social networking consists of a combination of in-person live events as well as leveraging online services.  It is this combination that creates accretive value to everyone that participates in VTUG.

The User Group

VTUG is the only platform independent virtualization users group.  Our members told us they want to learn about all technologies including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, etc.  And we listened!  IT has to be heterogeneous and often requires multi-vendor and technology solutions to best serve our IT environments.  It is all about education and information.

Virtualization Technology Events

We have conducted dozens of virtualization user group events over the last nine years and have gained a reputation of excellence.  Summer Slam and Winter Warmer are our flagship events and we want to replicate their success into other regions.

VTUG Online

VTUG is developing new online services for our members based on our mission:  provide education and information to IT professionals in order to make better decisions in their virtual environments.

VTUG has a consolidated content service called IT Content and a way for you to save articles for easy access using MyVTUG.  We are launching a webcast series focused on end users experiences.  And there is much more on the horizon.

Contact us at info@vtug.com if you want to share your thoughts with us.