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VTUG Summer Slam Break Out Sessions 2015

Library Worldcom Exchange, Inc. (WEI)
The Things I Have Done Wrong

How is it possible that someone who has been in IT for 20 years can make a mistake? It is easier than you think.

Over the years, we learn many best practices for our industry, however, there are always a few that continuously challenge even the most skill IT professionals.

During this session, we will take a look at some of the basics of infrastructure that cause us problems, simple things I do to make my life easier, tools I use to keep myself sane, and what I am doing about my most recent customer tasks (developing lifecycle management strategies, keeping things consistent in the datacenter, and running things more efficiently) and how these tidbits of information apply to the ever evolving data center.

Make sure to interrupt me during the presentation, so that we can keep this interactive, and make sure that we are addressing your questions and needs during this session…
Now is your chance to come pick on me!

Room A203Broadleaf Services
What do I do with my data center now? A strategy for cloud, compliance, & convergence

The most frequent question asked by IT leaders today is: “What do I do with my data center now?” How can converged infrastructure and cloud strategies tie into an existing environment while providing security and compliance? Join us to learn best practice strategies for using converged infrastructures to leverage the cloud and meet compliance goals.

Room A205Tintri
VMware Storage – Right Now!

Virtualization of storage resources promises to simplify manageability for virtual machines and bring the same kind of manageability and productivity improvements that virtualization brought to server administration to enterprise storage. Tintri VMstore is a great step forward, and customer are delighted with the results. We will review Tintri storage and the advantages of combining server virtualization with a storage architecture built from the ground up for virtual machines.

Room C114Caringo
A Crash Course on Object Storage. How It’s Helping Businesses in Every Industry and How It Can Help You!

Are you being asked to store petabytes of data, make it searchable, accessible by any enterprise/cloud application or device, and guarantee integrity for decades – all with the same or maybe a modest increase in budget? Guess what? You aren’t alone.

In this session, we will share our experiences working with hundreds of customers of various sizes across a number of different use cases with a focus on:

  • Where object storage sits in the rapidly evolving storage market
  • Trending use cases in the Medical Imaging, Service Provider, Web Content Delivery, Evidence Storage & Open Data Center markets
  • The common issues object storage solves across these use cases
  • How you determine if object storage can solve your data management issues

Room C116DataGravity
Shine the Light into the Black Box of Virtualization with Data-Aware Storage

Today’s organizations are virtualizing everything from application servers to file servers. While they gain efficiency, nothing addresses the fact that they are creating tiny black boxes and have no clue what’s in them or who’s accessing the data. Join DataGravity to gain operational insight and data insight into your black box VMs. Understand your risks, harden security, know your user audit trails, and find sensitive information to get enhanced governance, control, and visibility of your data.

Room C117NexGen Storage
Tailored Storage Performance for Your Business Priorities

While flash storage is clearly needed to accelerate your application data, what percentage of data needs it at any given moment? If it’s not 100%, all-flash arrays can be excessive and costly. Hybrid storage is the right approach, but performance can be unpredictable if you’re unable to control what data consumes flash.

Join this session for a technical discussion covering how Quality of Service (QoS) lets you avoid the high cost of all-flash arrays and the inconsistent performance of SSD-based hybrid arrays. By connecting customers to the business value of data, QoS delivers predictable application performance. Plus, learn how you can surface performance QoS policies and service levels in VMware vSphere 6 vCenter, giving administrators the ability to assign performance policies directly to the VM for extremely granular control.

Room C118 Whalley Computer Associates
VMware vSphere 6 Upgrade; A Case Study of VMware’s v6 Upgrade Project

Join Whalley Computer Associates Sr. Solution Architect Dan Sullivan and VMware VCDX Tom Ralph as they present a Case Study for the actual VMware vSphere Version 6 upgrade AT VMWARE!

Tom & Dan will cover how and why VMware’s Internal IT resources upgraded 2,000 vSphere hosts hosting 200,000+ VM’s across 100’s of vCenter servers to vSphere 6.0.

Learn how VMware deployed to staging, tested, and deployed to production; while maintaining a production level service for VMware’s Internal IT Services.

Room C119 Nimble Storage
Evolve Your Virtualized Data Center with Adaptive Flash

Today’s data centers increasingly rely on virtualization to maximize resource utilization and efficiency. But if you virtualize your workloads without the right storage, you could face management complexity, performance issues, and even data loss. Adding VDI to the mix only compounds these issues. So how do you deploy storage for virtualized environments without exposing your organization to risk? Join this informative session to learn how the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform enables you to predict, manage and deliver the storage required to optimize virtualized workloads across the enterprise:

  • Scale storage performance and capacity independently
  • Safeguard data and applications with integrated data protection
  • Maintain high-availability and uptime
  • Simplify management to preempt issues, maintain storage health and forecast growth
  • All within a dramatically smaller and more efficient footprint

Room C120Expedient
vRealize Orchestrator Demystified – Thinking in Workflows

Ever wonder the full potential of vRealize Orchestrator (vRO, formerly vCO)?  Join us as we demystify this complex, yet intriguing workflow solution.  During the session we will cover the different components in vRO, walk through a use case with pre-existing vCenter workflows, custom script, and an external system workflow to tap into the power of automation.  You’ll hear real life examples of how Expedient uses vRO today and how to best get started extending vRO’s value in your organization.

Room C121Ntirety
Database Virtualization: Doing IT Right

This presentation is the sequel to a top 10 presentation Virtualizing Databases: Doing IT Right given at VMworld last year in Barcelona and the US. . In this presentation we will teach you how to properly virtualize any business critical application with specifics on databases and VMware newest release vSphere 6.0.  A database is a very resource intensive by its very nature and one of the most resource intensive applications you will ever virtualize. If it is not done correctly you will not be successful. This presentation will teach you how to do it right. We will discuss why you virtualize a database, using the right hypervisor, installation, Architecting for performance, the storage layer, the processor, Memory considerations, the network layer.  Topics include NUMA, Memory reservations, Network details to how to avoid common mistakes, changes made in vSphere 6.0.

Room C123Oxford Networks
Disaster Averted: Best Practices in Back-up/Recovery and DR

In a recent global survey by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council, nearly 3 out of 4 companies are failing in terms of disaster readiness. The cloud affords small- to mid-sized companies flexible, innovative options for back-up and recovery, and diverse choices for ITaaS are more exciting than ever. Get the latest thinking on virtualization, DR, and data center best practices, including how to bullet-proof your business continuity plan, and whether data center colo is right for you.

Room C125PC Connection
Mobility and End User computing

Where are modern End User Compute resources coming from? Is it the public cloud, from private infrastructure, or both? We will explore the technologies that are enabling mobility, application delivery and security using centralized command and control with distributed infrastructure.

We will define the deployment criteria that organizations should consider when contrasting an on-premises private cloud to a managed multitenant solution. In the near future will the market demand a hybrid solution? If so, how will that be orchestrated? Our experts will share their projections for this market.

Room C200Sovereign Systems & EMC
Cloud Automation Platforms

This session describes Sovereign’s Cloud Automation Platform (CMP) built from VMware technologies and Sovereign Software Modules. Learn how to automate full application deployments with an integrated automation platform. See how this approach helps to reduce costs and provide a more service-oriented approach for supporting the business. We will highlight 3 Sovereign solutions deployed for our customers along with the components making up the CMP, the underlying infrastructure and the use of the public cloud.

Room C201Pure Storage
VMware vSphere 6 New Storage Features: The Heralded and Unheralded

A look at some of the heralded and unheralded storage-related features of vSphere 6. Enhancements in XCOPY, UNMAP support, thin virtual disk performance and more will be discussed. Due to the increasing prevalence of data-reduction arrays, some additional depth on the importance, history and use of UNMAP in SAN environments will be detailed. Finally an overview of Virtual Volumes and the possibilities provided by this new architecture will be highlighted.

Room C202Presidio
Hyper-Converged solutions for End User Computing

Today, many organizations are interested in modernizing their End-User Compute (EUC) environments and in adopting the simplicity, agility and scalability of Hyper-Converged architectures. Hyper-Convergence, which includes compute, storage and virtualization in a single, software driven platform is gaining momentum in customer datacenters. EUC is a powerful use case for Hyper-Convergence, reducing complexity and delivering predictable performance of virtual applications and desktops.

Room C203 Simplivity
Hyperconverged Infrastructure Deep Dive: The How-To and Why Now?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure is becoming a choice platform for virtualized workloads since it simplifies IT infrastructure, streamlines scale, and reduces TCO versus legacy infrastructure.  Join this session to learn about hyperconverged infrastructure: how it introduces operational efficiency and cost savings; and how it differs from converged systems and software-defined storage. Hear from existing SimpliVity customers who are benefiting from SimpliVity’s unique architecture that delivers all IT below the hypervisor.  The customers will share best practices and success stories of reducing their hardware infrastructure foot print; radically lowering reoccurring maintenance costs; dramatically simplifying the management of their VMware environment; and improving operational efficiency.

Room C212Pivot3
All Hyper-Convergence is Not Created Equal

In this session you will learn from the pioneers of Hyper-Convergence just what a true HCI architecture should look like. There’s a big problem with the locally hyper-converged solutions that use brute force data replication: vanishing storage space. Every copy of the data takes up 50% of remaining storage space. That means that by the time you’ve made the standard two backup copies and factored in your industry-standard 10% reserve space, you’re left with only 23% of useable storage capacity.

How Pivot3 does it

Welcome to 21st century storage and compute solutions! By implementing patented Scalar Erasure Coding, Pivot3 developed vSTAC OS, a software platform that saves an extraordinary amount of storage space and ensures fault tolerance without making dumb copies of data. With global hyper-convergence, all hard drives within a cluster act as a SAN that also has computing power. vSTAC OS allows any program running on one appliance within the cluster to access resources across all the appliances in the cluster. This allows high-order data protection that leaves almost all the storage space still available.

Room C214Solarwinds
Application Stack Dashboard – Create the Single Point of Truth for Continuous Service Delivery

Companies are adopting continuous application delivery methods, which includes automation, orchestration and auto-scale, in their virtual environments. With the constant change, it’s becoming harder to surface and pinpoint the root cause of an application problem through all of the noise. This presentation will cover the fundamentals of performance monitoring, actual troubleshooting examples, and reporting across the entire virtual application stack.

Room C216Axis Business Solutions
Leveraging Hyper convergence – An end user’s perspective on the evaluation process, implementation, and daily support requirements of a deployed SimpliVity infrastructure.

Axis will moderate an end user and industry expert joined roundtable that focuses on the evaluation of hyper convergence technologies and the business impact of SimpliVity installations.

The participants of the roundtable will discuss their process of evaluating SimpliVity as an alternative to legacy deployments. They will also share their experiences of the implementation process, the impact on day to day management of their environment, and the long term projection of the SimpliVity architecture in their organization

Room C218SafeNet (now Gemalto)
6 Ways to Enhance Security in the Cloud

Cloud computing is fundamentally transforming the way enterprises, government agencies, and small businesses are managing their data. For many organizations, using elastic, pay-as-you-go cloud services is an attractive, cost-effective way to run business-critical applications and house company data. Join us to learn how SafeNet, now Gemalto, offers security solutions that ensure the sensitive data you store in the cloud, including credit card numbers, health records, and personally identifiable information, is secured. Discussion will include six solutions that will enhance security in the cloud, including how companies can demonstrate compliance and show control of sensitive data.

Room C221Zerto
Robust BC/DR, No Reconfiguration Required

Acushnet Company made a significant investment in storage to improve performance. As they implement the storage based replication, the required environment reconfiguration dramatically reduced performance, undermining the significant storage investment. Zerto Virtual Replication delivers these benefits:

  • RPO’s of seconds, RTO’s of minutes
  • No hardware dependencies with storage agnostic replication
  • Installs seamlessly into the existing environment
  • Simple to use, minimal ongoing management

Room C223 Winslow Technology Group
Storage Performance & IO Anatomy

A vendor neutral discussion on the anatomy of an IO. Dive into important storage performance metrics, how they relate to each other, and how you can use them to size your storage environment. Touch on reasonable values for these metrics from a storage perspective, and when they might be indicating a bottleneck. Concepts will apply to both local and SAN storage, and address the impacts of local caching on storage sizing and performance

Room C225VEEAM
Availability for the Modern Datacenter – What is a Disaster?

Is a disaster losing a VM? Losing an entire datacenter? Losing your contact list? What if your CEO’s laptop crashes? Come spend some time learning what is required for High Availability and how to be prepared for any disaster with a less than 15 minute RTPO on premise or in the cloud. As always, more demo and whiteboard, less presentation! See Endpoint Backup in action and get a teaser trailer of the upcoming V9 release!

Room C227DataCore
Hyper-converged infrastructure – use cases and buyer’s guide

The interest in hyper-converged infrastructure has increased dramatically in the last few years.  But there is a lot of confusion in the market.  Which use cases are best suited for hyper-converged?  What should a buyer look for when evaluating different hyper-converged products?  How to manage hyper-converged in your infrastructure?  How does Software-defined Storage (SDS) fit into all of this?

In this session, you will learn the:

– Best use cases for hyper-converged infrastructure

– Most important criteria for selecting the right solution

– Fastest way to incorporate hyper-converged into your infrastructure

– Easiest way to manage hyper-converged

Room C229Nutanix
Introducing: The Next Generation of Enterprise Computing

What could you accomplish if you no longer had to spend all your time managing your infrastructure?

Nutanix makes datacenter infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on applications and services that power their business. Join this session to be one of the first to learn about the new Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform, the 100% software-defined infrastructure solution that combines storage, compute and virtualization.

This session will include:

  • A first look at Nutanix Acropolis, which integrates compute, storage and virtualization to run any application
  • A preview of Nutanix Prism, which gives administrators a simple and elegant way to manage virtual environments

·  A discussion of how web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design applied to the infrastructure stack makes infrastructure simple

Room C300 Mosaic Technology
Containing Cyber Threats & Minimizing Risk in Physical & Virtual (SDDC) environments.

Join Mosaic Technologies as we cover the benefits of Network Access Control as a key component of the software defined data center. Bradford Networks NetSentry/RTR can help you minimize your risk to assets and intellectual property. We can show you how we can help you protect your assets and reduce the impact, time and costs of containing cyber threats that can hold your physical and virtual network environments hostage with long lasting detrimental effects.

Room C301Hans Bernhardt, VMware (1:00 time slot only)
Network Virtualization for Your Grandma

Hans white boarded virtualization in a way that helped many “get it” at the Winter Warmer. Now he attempts the same with vSphere NSX Network and Security virtualization. The trick? Hans IS NOT a networking expert. He is like many of us who taught ourselves networking by rote while learning everything else just to get our jobs done! Both entertaining and informative, he helps tie concepts together in a way you can describe to, well, your Grandma. Networking is going to be an interesting challenge.