Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fall Forward Recap

We just had our Fall Forward event. This year in Marlborough Mass. I am always excited to hear what people are doing and what information they are looking for. This event was no different. Users are starving for unbiased information to help them do their jobs better and easier. The hypervisor has not made our jobs any easier, if anything it is more complex. We have gone from Windows and Unix Administrators to Datacenter Engineers. Continue reading

VMworld Tips

With VMworld less than a week away I thought it might be a good Idea to post some tips that I have learned over the years.

Take time to build your Schedule.

This year’s schedule builder is a lot more user friendly than in years past. While you cannot sign up for multiple sessions, in the event that you do choose overlapping sessions the schedule builder will bring up both abstracts and let you choose between the two. Continue reading


First things first, NEVMUG is stronger than ever.  We excited about the Summer Slam event on July 19th and the get together at Gritty’s.

We started NEVMUG 9 or 10 years ago meeting in a small conference room after work in South Portland, Maine with a VMware expert and a couple of pizzas. We all wanted to learn from each other.  VAR’s and vendors wanted to know how their products were really being used by us and we wanted to know how to get more out of their solutions.  Today we have to rent out stadiums to fit everyone in!  Even though we have experienced tremendous growth we still keep our core DNA of providing and participating in learning and sharing. Continue reading