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We have a great event lined up for this spring. We are having our spring ahead event in Portsmouth New Hampshire at the Sheraton Inn.  There has been a lot of talk on VMware’s relaunch of VSAN. We will have Jim LaFollette Senior System Engineer at VMware coming to explain the advantages of it and why you should be thinking about using it. We also have Dan Stolts Chief Technology Strategist, Microsoft, will be doing a deep dive into storage spaces. This is a feature in Windows server that enables you to virtualize storage by grouping disks into storage pools. Todd Smith Sales Engineering Manager fro Citrix will educate us on how Citrix can help enable your business to take advantage of cloud computing. We also have some killer break-out session that I will get posted up soon.

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What a great couple of events

a couple of weeks ago we were able to meet up with Shane, Byron, Frank and Mike. These guys are passionate about community! We met everyone at the Elbowroom lounge. RoudTower Technologies talked about the landscape of virtualization and how they help their customers. This is a Var that understands Value Add. They seem to have a great line up of talent and are dedicated to their customers. DataCore Software explained the value of caching software and how their product works for many tier 1 apps both physical and virtual. Last up was Scale Computing. They have built a KVM based converged infrastructure product with a single interface. to manage everything and it is a product to explore more.

Last week we were out in Chicago at Soldier field with David Siles and team. We met some great people at the event. Everyone was really excited about an event where they could hear from all of the virtualization technologies. There were some great questions about management, clustering, and storage performance. We even had a guest sighting of President Obama who landed in one of the parking lots so that he could attend a fund raising event in Chicago.

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